Friday, April 11, 2008

maps are killing me

Is it strange that I can tell you from memory where every country, river and mountain range is located in Africa, Europe, South America, Canada and Central America, but I could not for the life of me tell you where all the 50 states are located and their capitols?
In one of my EDU classes we have to pass all these map tests with a 90% or better to pass the class and I cannot pass the 50 states one.  I mean I have taken it twice now and have gotten no where close to a 90.  My professor thinks it cute to ask me every time after I finish taking a map test, "Where will you travel now, Meghan?".  United States please. again. I mean how is it that I never learned the locations of the 50 states and their capitols in Elementary school somewhere along the way?  I bet if I asked me professor the capitol of Montana or Kansas, she would not be able to tell me, okay well maybe Kansas because she is old.  Any strategies for getting this cemented in my brain??

So, I went to the Hasbroucks last night and watched Kiara and Kaden and realized the sad reality that Kiara is in 5th grade, soon to be 6th and will no longer need a babysitter for much longer.  Kinda sad, I have been watching these kids for the past 7 years.  Long time.

I will tell you one thing I will NOT miss, is Kiara's ferret "nessie" as in the Loc Ness Monster.  When I first saw this thing, I had to act excited about it because Kiara just could not believe that her mom finally got her one.  Ill be in the kitchen and it will crawl on my feet, or laying on the couch and it will crawl on me and I will have to tell Kiara to "get that thing off of me" cause I myself cannot touch it.  Below is a picture of this terrible pet and if this picture doesnt convince you to never get your child a ferret then I dont know what will...

It is practically trying to eat her face off.

so ill leave you with that cause I'm off to Robert's to hang with Colton and some other friends from high school because I am just that cool.

love love love,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Im back

Okay, so.  I have not blogged in a VERY long time, but have been thinking that I should take it up again after reviewing my old xanga site.  I feel like xanga was "so high school" but blogger seems to be for the older crowd so ill try it.

Life has been going pretty well just ready for the semester to be over (10 days left) and for me to be moved into my new apt (8 days!).  It is going to be a busy next few weeks, but i think ill survive (i hope).  No I will, but I'm sure when I'm 40 with wrinkles, this time in my life will be the reason for those wrinkles, even thought my mother insists that the cause for wrinkles is not washing your face every night before you go to bed...hmmm...not sure I agree with that one.

So this is my favorite time of the year (weather wise) and I love that the sun is out and I can roll my windows down and soak in the sun and wind all at once.  but as I was driving one glorious day with the windows down, huge sunglasses on, with one arm out the window and one on the steering wheel, I a thought came to my mind, "Why is it I never see middle aged or older people living this carefree windows down lifestyle?"  I mean really? Why do I never see my Maw Maw cruising around with the windows down?  Does something happen when you hit 30 and you become more self aware, self conscious, or uppity?  I cant figure it out, any ideas?

Well, I should probably go to sleep considering I have two lessons to teach tomorrow and too many map tests to take I cant remember.  Oh the joys of school...

Oh and the joys of leading a high school freshman girls small group--tonight I found out that they thought hell was only a figurative place and God would eventually forgive all those people one day.  Mentally, my jaw dropped, then I calmly explained that when Christ said "eternal lake of fire" he meant "eternal" just like we will live in heaven "eternally".  

Oh well more stories tomorrow I suppose, I'm not feeling very inspired tonight.  But more tomorrow, I promise.

love love love,